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Wellspring Clinic

A highly rated Scottsdale, Arizona Wellness Clinic.

Cutting-Edge Science, Innovative Research, Compassionate Service: Wellspring Clinic utilizes the latest advancements in diagnostic assessment to provide clinical data that bridges the gap between diagnosis and the accurate treatment of disease and illness.

Pryce Development

Pryce Development is an American-owned, privately held real estate investment and development company operating in Arizona.

Pryce Development is an adaptive community driven real estate company structured to create, capture and develop exceptional properties through establishing close personal relationships and delivering extraordinary returns.

Central Arizona Irrigation & Drainage and Electrical District 4

Creating 1 website for 2 companies is a challenge but fun:
Serving Eloy, Arizona with a service area of 188,000 acres and consisting of 78% irrigation pumping and 22% residential and commercial power.

Our irrigation project covers 87,600 acres aiding farmers to grow a diverse variety of crops. Our supply comes from Colorado water and groundwater.

Kaibab Publishers

My hope and prayer are that those coming to this website will be those who enjoy reading about memorable characters. Along the way, I hope to make some new friends who share the same passion. So, let's enjoy our journey together as we write stories with characters that make us laugh, cry, and wonder why.

Desert Mindful Nutrition

First, we examine our relationship with food and its impact on our body, adding in supportive nutrient-rich foods, on occasion identifying and eliminating symptom-triggering foods. Supportive supplements are recommended on an as-needed basis. Personalized nutrition tailors recommendations to your specific needs, therefore I do not prescribe trendy diets, recommend calorie counting, or long-term food tracking. Education is provided on what our bodies need to thrive, from nutrition basics to mindful eating strategies, and stress reduction techniques.

Flourish Yoga

Hot Yoga Studio in Tucson

Flourish Yoga will offer a variety of classes including Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa (flow) Yoga, Yin, Hot Barre, Hot Pilates, and Kids Yoga

Seaworthy Gallery

Jeff Serusa’s fine art photographs are taken in various locations on Martha’s Vineyard. He uses an 8×10 Large Format camera, except for when conditions are very stormy or windy (as in his famous “Seasmoke”) in which case he uses either a 4×5 or a Medium Format camera. All prints originate from film negatives. Images are then printed onto either Ultrasmooth matte paper, or canvas, using high end giclée printers. Images are available unframed for shipping.

Tubac Jack's

Restaurant & Saloon

Owner Jim Lagattuta personifies the tagline, 'Food. Spirits. Fun'. Tubac has enjoyed this establishment for decades which attests to its popularity. If you go, try the Diablo Ribs!

Canyon Del Oro Barbershop

Canyon Del Oro (CDO) Barbershop in Oro Valley is quickly becoming the place to get a great cut. Their Barbers are seasoned experts in a wide range of men's haircuts, hairstyles, and beard trims.

Streakless Window Washing

Shawn and his team have an amazing guarantee that your windows will be clean, that they will arrive at the scheduled time and give you every 6th cleaning for FREE!

GNC Community Management

GNC's philosophy is to provide the best customer service experience with better communication with the Board. In order to successfully do this, they don’t manage more accounts than we can handle.

II Sons for Men Barbershop

This site was created while working for another marketing firm.